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"If only I had more time" is often heard from people that are on the verge of leaving this life.

Through years of research, we are able to grant that wish.

We use the latest technology in order to achieve that goal.


We are being taught that aging is a natural process.
Our body slowly decays until only ashes remain, but why

do we accept this so called truth?

It is time to open your eyes to our truth. There can be so much more than just slowly dying...


What we do

for humanity



Starlife is an organization dead set on improving the world. A world in which art, culture and technology will make sure our species flourish. We believe in the strength of an individual, one man can change all of mankind. Sometimes sacrifices from ordinary citizens are necessary, but we are willing to make that sacrifice if it serves the human race.

Our goal is to let the Einsteins and Ghandis of this world live forever.

Thanks to technology we are able to improve the fragile state of these humans.


We have a long road ahead of us, but the stars are almost within our reach.



Tyler Hammond

Founder of Starlife is Tyler Hammond,

a renowned geneticist and philanthropist.

In a tragic car crash dr. Hammond lost an eye and one of his dearest friends.

That moment changed his perspective of the world, literally and figuratively.

He turned his fear of dying into a chance for humanity

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Nieuwe Marktstraat 54
6511 AA  Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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Copyright of Starlife Enterprise.

             Founded in 1990.

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